Two or three times each year Gareth co-hosts Medicine Stories, a weekend of community, creativity, and transformation, with my friend beloved Americana musician David Wilcox.

It's an opportunity to rest and be inspired, with a group of friends old and new, hearing music and story, exploring how the stories we tell shape our lives, reimagining the landscape of our souls, - and hopefully experiencing a better story together!

Gareth & David are known as eloquent and humane guides to healing your own story, and transforming the complexity of our lives into a gift to ourselves and the world. New sounds, deep stories, laughter and rich conversation form the heart of this soulfully unique and transforming experience. Beginning Saturday morning and ending around dinnertime on Sunday, this is a two day experience - for thirty guests only - that might just last for the rest of your life. Everyone is welcome.

We can consider invitations to host Medicine Stories in your town when fifteen or more people are sure to attend. If you think you can recruit fifteen or more folk to join us, contact us and we'll tell you the next steps.

Among other things, you can expect the following at a Medicine Stories gathering:

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  • The services of two retreat leaders throughout the weekend.

  • Concert with David Wilcox.

  • Film screening and conversation with Gareth Higgins.

  • Self-care and life maintenance options throughout!

  • A life-changing experience of spirit, imagination, and community.

    We want to welcome anyone who wants to join us, and recognize that everyone has different financial resources. With that in mind, we offer the retreat fee on the following basis:

    Payment plans are available, so you can spread the cost over up to six months - just ask. We also invite donations to a scholarship fund which will be used to reduce the cost for folk whose budget would not allow them to pay the full fee. We are happy to offer a sliding scale reduction in the retreat fee if you need it - just ask. If you would like information on the payment plan, or to make a scholarship donation, please contact us.