Thanks for your interest in having me speak, teach, led or facilitate at your event. I love to share with groups about storytelling, peacemaking, celtic spirituality, movies & meaning, and taking life seriously without taking ourselves too seriously. It would be a privilege to participate in your event.

I am also increasingly committed to being locally rooted, learning from my surroundings, and being in community (especially with my family), so justifying being away from home is a task of discernment. If you are excited to have me, I'll do my best to find a way to be with you that honors your invitation and my commitments.

To invite me, please follow the steps below:

Check my Public Itinerary  I'm happy to consider one-off speaking engagements, but also do workshops and retreats from half a day to eight days in length. The focus is usually on the role of storytelling in healing our lives; the relationship between the inner and external journey of peacemaking; the consolations, inspirations and provocations of art, cinema and music (or how creativity helps us live better); and celtic spirituality. But I'm open to other creative requests as well.

Honorarium, Travel & Expenses –  Wherever possible, I prefer to operate on a gift basis. For a speaking engagement, I usually ask the host to guarantee travel expenses and accommodation, and that the host or the participants make a donation based on the resources available, and their sense of the value the event has brought. 

Contact - To inquire, contact me by completing the form here. We aim to respond to requests within two weeks. Thank you.