we end where we begin

hi friends old and new well, this is it - i've taken the plunge into the blogosphere - on second thoughts, you maybe can't plunge into a sphere...you could bounce one...anyway, here i am...after being plied with offers of ever-deepening friendship, free movies, and a glass or two of whiskey, i am starting a blog.

it'll be about the things that i care for. so there'll be movies, there'll be politics, there'll be art, there'll be music, there'll be discussions of non-violence, there'll be opportunities to be involved in activism to make the world a better place, all through the lens that i can't quite seem to let go of - the notion that god IS, and that if that statement is true, then god is both bigger than any ideas i have about him/her, and at the very least, god is nicer than me.

i'd love to share some of this with you, so please, come bounce a sphere with me.