celtic soliton sessions

Just to let y'all know:
The second Celtic Soliton session will take place in February 2007 in Belfast and Portrush. This year our theme is ‘dangerous living’.

The Soliton Network is an invitation to the rhythms of hospitality and generosity as well as to share resources, laughter, dreams and friendships. Soliton events are informal opportunities for people to reflect on the edges of Christian spirituality and practice – developed within what has come to be known as the ‘emerging church’, all are welcome, and many have been surprised by how rich the experience is. Soliton events aim to approach things from a different angle, and have reflected on questions such as social justice and politics, worship and theology, art and spirituality, and human hospitality. Speakers/facilitators at previous Soliton events have included Brian McLaren, Erwin McManus, Greg Russinger, Christine Sine, Doug Pagitt, Jo Coles, William Crawley and many more.

Our traditions embody stories of dangerous lives: prophets critiqued dangerously, apostles spoke dangerously, and the early church fathers lived dangerously. Jesus inspired life practices that launched a new society both critical of and dangerous to the present order. 2007's Soliton Sessions are an invitation to rediscover this alternative society. Facilitators already confirmed include Jonny Baker, Kester Brewin, Pete Rollins, William Crawley, Si Johnston, Laura Bagley, Andrew Jones and little old me. As a special event, the wonderful Juliet Turner will also play a concert for Soliton during the weekend.

The Celtic Soliton sessions take place as follows:
February 1-4, 2007
Thursday 1st Feb = Belfast 10am – 4pm with optional dinner
Friday evening – Sunday afternoon 2nd-4th Feb = Residential in Portrush

Soliton seeks to create space for free thinking engagement with Christian spirituality and practice and is an opportunity to meet with likeminded people who wish to explore radical spirituality in the emerging postmodern context. It is not a typical ‘teaching’ gathering but a forum in which people can learn together from each other, ask questions, and enjoy an experience of community.

Participants are welcome to attend either or both the Belfast and Portrush sessions; we have aimed to keep costs as low as possible to facilitate welcoming any who wish to participate, but we hope to keep the number of attendees small enough to be a meaningful gathering rather than just ‘another conference on the landscape.

More information at www.solitonnetwork.org