The Sacredness of Questioning Everything

david My friend David Dark has a new book out.  It's called 'The Sacredness of Questioning'.  It's a philosophical-theological-psychological-communitarianistical-nashvillianestical-cinematical-musical thrill ride.  It mentions the Coen Brothers, Flannery O'Connor, Tom Waits, and the mysterious figure who lives in the basement known as Uncle Ben.

And it manages to find new and interesting things to say about each of them

It's cultural commentary for people who don't think they like cultural commentary.

It's comedy for smart people.

It's religion for the sceptical.

It's very good indeed, and I'm not just saying that.

It has endless potential to delight and provoke, and I can think of no one who can read English who wouldn't appreciate spending a few hours in the presence of this very fine writer and communicator.  If you're buying a book any time soon, 'The Sacredness of Questioning Everything' really does deserve to be it.  There won't be anything else like it on your bookshelf (unless you own Dave's previous books, in which case, you already own the new one.)