David Lynch Interviews the Nation

david_lynch_interview David Lynch's Interview Project is quite something - a year-long endeavor in which the results of the director's mentored team crossing the country, asking strangers to talk about their lives will be broadcast.  On evidence of the first interview, up today, with Jess from Colorado, it's going to be a site I return to repeatedly during the year it will add new content.

There's a new interview every three days; Lynch's perspective on the world has produced some of the most compelling films of the past three decades; and despite a reputation for darkness and, let's face it, being more than a little offbeat, there's always compassion just under, or right on the surface.  The first interview in this project is deceptively simple: an old guy talks about regret while trains and traffic go by.  But there's a world etched into his face; a social history of the broken parts of the post-war era; a reflective man who doesn't seem able to get his feet on a stable path.  There may be more to this series than just people talking: it might just be Lynch's America, all-in-one, free, shot from slightly distorted angles, more alive in the margins than the heart of the machine would ever want to admit.