The Week Ahead

What I'm up to this week: Monday


Seeing 'The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3' for The Film Talk.  Not optimistic.  Hanging out with Ched and Elaine. Two of the most interesting and welcoming people I know - if you want to learn how to learn about non-violence as a way of life, or to figure out how to challenge the injustice of an economy that wants to bleed you dry, or even know what surfing is really about (and I'm talking the ocean kind), there's no one better to ask.  Seeing Claire Denis' 'Beau Travail' for TFT.  Somewhat optimistic.



Recording the next two episodes of TFT

Planning what I'm hoping to share at the retreat this weekend

Seeing the Hitchcock double bill at the Carolina Theatre in Durham - ever since I first saw 'Vertigo' when it was re-released in the mid to late Nineties I've taken every opportunity to watch it projected in a cinema, any cinema.  Carolina Theatre is a quaint and welcoming place with a huge main screen; it's showing this genuine masterpiece about love, revenge, self-esteem and death alongside its natural twin, 'Rear Window' another film in which Jimmy Stewart thinks he knows what's going on until ... well, as some of you haven't had the pleasure yet, I'll leave the spoilers out.


Writing (anyone seeing a theme here?)

Heading to Deerfield, MA to help lead a retreat with the amazing Swami Nicholaes Roosevelt.  We'll be spending three days together with a small group looking at questions of spirituality and practice in the midst of life as we know it, interacting particularly with the Yogic, Quaker and Celtic traditions.  There's still space if you'd like to join us.

Thursday - Sunday

Will be out of contact at the retreat, but will emerge on Sunday night in Nashville where I'll be hoping to get some writing done before another retreat starts on Tuesday.  I guess it's retreat season.  Keep in touch.