This Week

I've had a lot of feedback about my Naked post; and am happy that it has provoked some conversation.  I'll write more on this theme in the future - please feel free to post comments with suggestions or questions for what you'd like me to explore.  I'm particularly interested in writing about the interaction between spirituality and sexuality; along with the kinds of questions Michael Pollan and others are asking about our relationship to food and psychology. This week I'm in LA til mid-week, speaking yesterday at All Saints Beverly Hills and Risenchurch Santa Monica.  We had some fun talking about spirituality and the body; and today I'm trying to get some writing done before seeing 'The Hurt Locker'.  Kathryn Bigelow's film is being cited as her best  (which is seductive, given that 'Point Break' does what it's trying to do better than most other films of its kind; and that 'Strange Days' took cybertechnology and crime seriously before it became the cliched trope of a hundred bad movies), and one of the tensest experience you could have a in a cinema (which is why I've avoided seeing it yet, not being sure that I'm in the right headspace for a war film whose reputation is built on being the most realistic depiction of combat horror realised for the screen).  But I plan to see it this afternoon; and I'll post about it here; we'll talk about it on The Film Talk soon.