Shatner Hugs the Mountain

Sorry didn't have much time to post today.  But my genial co-host on The Film Talk has delivered unto me perhaps the most inspirational music video ever produced.  And before the night is out, I want you to see it too*: [youtube=]

*I think the way that Shatner has reinvented himself as a self-reflective wit is a stroke of genius; more than that, his ability to laugh at himself might be the most important contribution he has made to our popular culture.  I mean that as a compliment.  I once heard Eugene Peterson say something like 'One key to being human is to take life seriously without taking yourself too seriously'.  Given that the self-aggrandisement and pomposity that colonised the 25 minutes of cable news I forced myself to channel surf through at the gym tonight seems to be considered something to be prized, William Shatner may deserve our thanks.