A Tipping Point for Homophobia in Ireland?

What is on my mind is my homeland, where one of the state-subsidized broadcasters just paid a massive amount of money to two powerful people who campaign to prevent LGBTQ equality because they were offended at being publicly characterized as inheritors of the tradition of homophobia. What is more on my mind is that the person who made the entirely reasonable, in fact incontrovertible assertion in the first place, has subsequently given a speech that will be remembered long after the laws that tell any of us that our lives are worth less than the dominant culture have disappeared from the books, long after the time when people (inadvertently or otherwise) dedicated to humiliating some of us and suffocating our hope have either seen the error of their ways or backed down quietly or in the best of all worlds been liberated into the rainbow of possibility that they are denying within themselves by seeking to control love. This speech is the future. The death-dealing ways of the kind of religion that seeks to treat the human as if we were machines dedicated only to the promotion of patriarchy and puritanism are the past.