Beloved character actor Stephen Tobolowsky (probably most recognizable as Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day) is also a delightful raconteur, whose stories find the sweet spot between knockabout humor and pathos. Following his earlier Stephen Tobolowsky's Birthday Party - one of the most entertaining expressions of watching someone else's home movie you're likely to find - The Primary Instinct is a recording of a recent live performance. Trying to get at the heart of why we tell stories is a noble, life-illuminating endeavor, and Tobolowsky turns out to be a warm, wise guide. He may not get to the heart of the matter (he wants to talk about the 'secular' and the 'sacred', but doesn't quite explain how they interrelate), but his search is an honest, uncynical one; and The Primary Instinct evokes more than its share of "I feel like he knows me" smiles. Available now on Hulu.