Making the World Safer

Because shaming, scapegoating, and aggression have become go-to modes of cultural exchange, I think we should declare those who ask for help to be the heroes of our time. The very request for help should be an occasion for rejoicing, for another human being is setting themselves free from the death-dealing oppression that says we are alone and must fend for ourselves. This is the gift of innocence battling with fear of the authorities. For when external authorities seem to threaten, the trick would then be to see this as an opportunity for liberating inner work. 

Think about the times that you have experienced debilitating fear. 

I’m willing to bet that the thing that you thought was going to happen probably didn’t. Or if it did, it wasn’t nearly as bad as you expected. Or if it was, that you can at least claim today you are a survivor. The most likely truth is that you were not primarily afraid of the thing itself, but of your ability to cope with the thing if it happened. 

Another way of putting this would be to say that you were not so much afraid of the threat, but of yourself. The gift of fearing external "authorities" is the opportunity to deepen your authority within yourself. And there’s a special bonus prize: sometimes the authorities end up healed too.

In other words, if you need help, ask for it.