I had a wonderful time at Greenbelt, which after 44 years is getting its third or fourth or umpteenth renewal - an amazing space for creativity, friendship, activism, and most of all, permission to be creative, friendly, and activist. We did a little contemplative talk show with guests Bill McKibben, Broderick Greer, and Nadia Bolz-Weber, and some good folk in the community asked for information on music and other things that were heard in the space.

So, here's what I remember:

The music was Recomposed by Max Richter (by way of Vivaldi).

The John O'Donohue blessing is Beannacht, which you can find here.

The blessing for friendship with your own soul was written by someone who lives in my head, and you can find it here.

The magazine we're starting, whose purpose is to help slow down the way we think about the world, is called The Porch. Sign up here to find out more about when it's publishing, and how you can be part of it.

The films I mentioned as favorites of the past twelve months are:

12: Show Me a Hero

11: The Little Prince

10: Where to Invade Next

9: Hunt for the Wilderpeople

8: Lemonade

7: Knight of Cups - (I'm in a minority here, but I think nobody else is making films like this with this level of confidence)

6: Captain Fantastic 

5: Last Days in the Desert

4: Rams

3: The Assassin

2: Embrace of the Serpent

1: We're the Superhumans, which is three minutes long, a masterpiece of humanity and craft, and follows below.