I have no idea what will happen with the gun laws. But I believe there are at least five things we *can* do, today: 

1: Build closer ties across communities - high rates of gun homicide seem to correlate with weak community bonds. 

2: Work to address economic inequality - high rates of gun homicide seem to correlate with high economic disparity. 

3: Men, share power, or step aside. Let women lead. High rates of women in leadership seem to correlate with reduced violence. 

4: Men, ask for help. The dehumanizing way in which guns are used in this society is a symptom of toxic masculinity. Shame and aggression are related. Developing emotional, spiritual, psychological strength/vulnerability is the task of a lifetime. None of us can do it alone. 

5: Speak, write, and post in ways that embody empathy with the vulnerable; and when you're angry, speak, write and post in ways that tell the truth without dehumanizing your opponent. Situations of escalating empathy correlate with reduced violence; situations of escalating dehumanization correlate with potential for more violence. The peace we will ultimately make will have to be made with our enemies, not our friends. Dehumanizing them now will only make the task take longer. 

This is hard. But it is true. 

And then, go back to 1: Build stronger bonds across and within communities. Offered with love and the humility of knowing I don't have a monopoly on how to get this one right.