Two years ago, Brian McLaren sat at our table, and with one simple sentence, changed both our lives:

"You know, we could write a short book about the myth of redemptive violence and how to transcend the destructive stories we're telling in the world."

I responded: "Why, yes, that sounds like a good idea."

But that's not what we did.

Instead, we went on a creative journey together with the extraordinary artist Heather Lynn Harris, and dreamed up two books about "Us", "Them", and the end of violence.

One is a picture book for kids and grown-ups, the other a book of essays.Both are about the six old stories humans have developed to bring peace and security, none of which work; and the seventh story, which starts working the moment you imagine it to be true. You can jump to find out more by clicking here right now.

We call the old stories the dominationrevolutionisolationpurificationvictimization, and accumulation stories; the seventh is the story of liberation and reconciliation.

The Seventh Story is not a sugar-coated story, although it does bring joy; it's not a religious belief, though it does invite us to experience spirituality and mystery; it faces reality, which means both the worst and the best things that are happening; it's for rich and poor, whole and broken, alienated and integrated, those who might consider themselves veterans of the spiritual journey and work for a fairer world, and those of us just starting out.

We're honestly more satisfied with this work than most anything either of us have written before; and more hopeful that it will help people.

So if you ...
- are tired of fighting, fleeing, or freezing,
- find yourself despairing at the "news" (which should really be called the "olds", given how much history repeats itself);
- sometimes struggle to get out of bed in the morning, and maybe even wonder if your best days are behind you (not to mention the planet's)...

We wrote these books for you. 

And we're writing to ask for your help. We've published the books through The Porch, and want to sell a substantial number of copies in the next week - if we're successful, it will help with our approach to others who might wish to share it in the future, and build a wider audience for what we feel is an important message. You can really help us by doing two things:

1: Order the book for yourself and loved ones. (Click on www.theseventhstory.com

2: Tell others! (Just forward this post with a personal note at the top.)

You can only get these books at www.theseventhstory.com - and for every purchase of the beautiful hardcover picture book Cory and the Seventh Storywe're giving away the e-book that outlines the foundational ideas, case studies, and examples of how people can step into The Seventh Story: Us, Them, and the End of Violence. (And we're committed to providing both books in electronic format to anyone who wants one, even if they can't afford to pay for it.) Just click here for more, and thank you.

There is a better story. We're here together to tell it.